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iPhone Zoom Screen Sharing

The first thing you need to know is that in order to run Zoom with screen sharing on your iPhone, you have to be running an acceptable version of the Apple Operating System, which is called iOS. iOS version 11 and higher works for this purpose.

So how do you tell what version you have? Go to > General, then tap About. Look at the "Software Version".

What if it tells you that your iOS version is lower than 11?

You may be able to upgrade your iOS, and it's free. Look at the model name. If it is iPhone 5 or higher, then tap > General, then tap Software Update. Set it to ON. Software updates are completed overnight after they have been downloaded while the device is charging and connected to a Wi-Fi connection.

From a Home screen, navigate to Settings > Wi-Fi. Tap the Wi-Fi Switch to turn on.

If you have an iPhone 4 or lower, you cannot do screen sharing on your iPhone, and so we will not be able to use it for online notarization.

If you haven't already downloaded the Zoom App onto your iPhone, do so first.

Install Zoom by going to the Apple App Store by clicking the App Store Icon on your home screen. There are several versions of Zoom available, but we suggest the one called "Zoom Cloud Meetings".

Prepare your iPhone ONCE so that your screen sharing will always work:

Press the home button on your iPhone or, on an iPhone X, swipe the home bar up.

Open the Settings App.

Tap Control Center

Tap Customize Controls

Tap the + next to Screen Recording

That's it! You have completed the one-time preparation of your iPhone for Screen Sharing.

But if you are going to share your screen in a Zoom meeting, you have to turn the screen on for that meeting. Here's how:

In the meeting controls, tap Share Content. The meeting controls will be at the bottom of your screen on an iPhone.

That brings up a display where you choose what you are willing to share. Tap Screen.

Tap Start Broadcast (Another word for "Screen Sharing")

After a count of 3, your entire device will be shared into the meeting. This means that when you access your browser or your email, for example, they can be seen in the meeting. Your screen will look as follows:

Press the home button and then tap your email icon.

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